Things You Should Know About Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation, otherwise known as workman’s comp, is an extremely valuable, state-mandated insurance program that compensates employees who suffered work-related injuries and illnesses. If you’re about to file one, it would be best to know of various important bits.

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Comparative Fault in Personal Injury Claims

When filing for a personal injury claim, most courts will want to determine who really is at fault for the accident or incident that resulted in injury on your part. While some cases can establish that the other party is solely liable, in many cases, you might have somewhat contributed to your own injury. This now becomes a basis for comparative fault, which may arise in many personal injury cases.

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ERISA and Long Term Disability

The Employee Retirement Income Security Act, or ERISA, is a Federal law that was made to protect employees’ rights to their benefits. In the case that an employee has become disabled and is unable to work, they may be qualified for long term disability benefits under the ERISA plan, which is usually included by the employer as an employee benefit. ERISA does not apply for disability insurance plans that have been purchased individually.

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