What to Do After an Accident

Never leave home without your smartphone, especially when you’re driving. In fact, any mobile gadget with a built-in camera will do.

For the record, you shouldn’t use your phone while behind the wheel. A freak mishap, however, is a great time to pull out your mobile device and start taking pictures. Camera tech has come a long way from cumbersome boxes to pocket-sized handhelds. The photos you take will help in solidifying your personal injury claim.

However, you shouldn’t focus on the wreck alone. Take pictures of the surroundings, like a traffic light (don’t worry if the lights change by the time you take the photos), road signs, weather conditions, fragments, and any other damaged property. Return to the scene after a few days, preferably with a real camera.

Normally, responding police officers take photos of the accident scene and retrieve surveillance footage for documentation. This helps when you’re too injured to even stand. Remember, safety is still your top priority. Nevertheless, it pays to record as many details as possible to increase your chances of a just payout.

Remember not to speak to anyone about the accident, as anything you say may be used against you in the claims process. To avoid mistakes and to increase your chances of getting a favorable outcome, work with an experienced personal injury lawyer who can give you the guidance you need.



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