Things You Should Know About Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation, otherwise known as workman’s comp, is an extremely valuable, state-mandated insurance program that compensates employees who suffered work-related injuries and illnesses. If you’re about to file one, it would be best to know of various important bits.

The Coverage

The overall coverage of workers’ compensation is pretty good. If your injury or illness was either caused, aggravated or worsened by the work you do, it is classified as a compensable injury, regardless of a pre-existing physical condition. For instance, if your workplace subjects you to constant exposure to chemicals which may be toxic renders your condition covered by workers’ compensation.

In addition, hearing loss is also covered. Long-term exposure to potentially hazardous noise levels may cause hearing loss, and if you suffered the same, you’re entitled to benefits as well. You’re still entitled to benefits if you’re already retired, provided you file a claim within 3 years of the last work-related exposure. Lastly, any scarring or disfigurement caused by a workplace incident is also covered.

The Process

When it comes to settlements, there’s no specific “right” to a lump sum settlement, as well as a set time frame on settling the claim. An insurance adjuster can’t “force” you to settle, and the outcome can be decided by numerous factors along the way. There’s also no pre-authorization for treatment—work injuries that require medical treatment don’t need such from an insurance adjuster as long as it’s necessary.


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