Help with Disability and Unemployment Claims

When you file for Social Security disability, you are saying that you have been or will be unable to work for at least twelve months due to a mental or physical disability. When you file for unemployment, however, you are saying that you are ready to work once you find a job opening that fits your work skills. Thus, filing for both can be a tricky situation.

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Personal Injury Attorney in Massachusetts: Crashes

Regardless of who’s at fault in a car crash, these accidents occur due to a form of negligence committed by one or all parties involved. It is in fact, the legal basis of all personal injury cases is that an individual had to have caused harm to another due to being negligent of the reasonable or prudent care that should have been observed done under normal circumstances. For a case to go through, the offender should have failed to do the reasonable act like stopping for a red light, or driving at speeds above the limit.

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Appealing the Denial of an LTD Claim

There are different reasons why a long-term disability (LTD) claim may fall on deaf ears. Where will you be, however, if your own claim gets denied? If the latter happens, giving up is not an option—at least not yet. All LTD claims allow for at least one (at times even two) levels of administrative appeals, and it is through this that claimants who got denied the first time can get compensated for their trouble.

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