Video Records Do Not Show the Entire Story

When an individual has been injured or has become too ill to work, long-term disability insurance can provide them the financial protection they need. It can be frustrating for a sick or injured employee when their company’s insurance plan denies them their benefits.

There is a stark difference between disability claims that are filed with the federal government, such as Social Security disability, and those that are filed with private insurance companies. The government strives to be impartial whereas private insurance companies generally do not. The more claims private insurance companies are able to deny, the healthier their bottom line becomes.

To this end, some insurance companies might use certain tactics in order to deny benefits unfairly. For example, it is not uncommon for them to use surveillance to monitor the activity of individuals applying for benefits. They may take photographs or record video of an applicant taking out the trash, grocery shopping or bending over to pet a dog. They may even accuse the applicant of lying about their condition.

Video footage is deceptive because it does not show the entire picture. An applicant may be recorded bending over to pick up a heavy bag, however, the video may not even show the pain the applicant is in for the rest of the day because of making that small movement. Attorneys work with their clients to fight partial video evidence with the goal of painting an accurate picture of their client’s condition.


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