What to Know about Personal Injury Cases in MA

Personal injury law is a categorization within the civil justice system that covers a wide range of specific incidences. One such incidence is when one party owed a duty of reasonable care to a second party and the first party failed to uphold that duty of care, thereby resulting in injury and damages. Proof of these factors in a civil court may make an individual open to compensation. Different sub-categories of personal injury law are subject to specific limitations, and you should pursue the aid of an attorney versed in these limitations.

Massachusetts law provides protection for a number of incidents that happen while on the road. Motorcycle injuries, automotive injuries, and bicycle injuries may all provide you legal recourse outside of the traffic courts when another party causes you damage. The state institutes “no-fault” laws in automobile accidents. This prevents you from seeking recourse unless you meet certain criteria. You must have suffered over $2,000 in reasonable medical expenses or permanent and serious disfigurement to be able to pursue compensation.

Massachusetts also provides protection against neglect on the part of an organization. Worker’s compensation, medical malpractice suits, and product defect claims are all covered by civil law. The civil court also provides recourse for victims of nursing home neglect. A damage cap of $500,000 is instituted on medical malpractice suits except when the malpractice has caused substantial disfigurement or loss of bodily functions to the plaintiff.


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