A Primer on Workers’ Compensation Laws in MA

Massachusetts has laws in place to protect employees who have suffered injuries while on the job. Compensation filing is subject to a series of protocol and provisions designed to protect the rights of both the employer and employee. Enlisting the help of an attorney experienced in the state’s laws may allow you to expedite the process, and ensure you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

How you handle your injury in its immediate aftermath can affect the success and effectiveness of your claim. You should pursue medical help immediately after the incident to assess the severity of your injury, and inform your employer of the injury to begin the claims process. You’ll then have up to four years to file a claim with your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance carrier. Your claim will be processed and assessed by the carrier. The Office of Claims Administration has oversight of compensation claims and may be used to assess your grievances if your claim has been rejected.

Benefits in a personal injury claim are contingent on your circumstances. If you’ve been partially incapacitated, which means you’re hindered by the severity of the injuries but still able to work in a limited capacity, you’re entitled to 60% of the difference between your weekly wage before and after injury. If you’re totally incapacitated and unable to work, compensation grants you 60% of your average weekly wage for up to 156 weeks. If you suffer from permanent incapacity, the law entitles you to two-thirds of your average weekly wages.


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