When to Hire a Workers Compensation Attorney

Some employees struggle with the decision to hire workers compensation attorneys after being injured on the job. They may feel that they can represent themselves when dealing with insurance companies and their employer. However, in most cases, hiring an attorney is in the employee’s best interest.

An attorney should be consulted when a workers compensation claim gets complicated. An example of this is when an employer denies a claim or when they delay in paying benefits. Employers deny or delay benefits betting that employees will not file an appeal. Employees can call that bluff by hiring a workers comp attorney. Most of the time, it improves an employee’s chance of getting a fair settlement for the injuries they sustained.

A workers comp attorney can help clients determine if a settlement offer adequately meets their needs. After all, a settlement deal could leave an employee with unpaid medical bills and lost wages. Working with a workers comp attorney minimizes the chances of something like this happening.

A person could be entitled to lifelong weekly payments if their work-related injury leaves them permanently or partially disabled. These types of claims are expensive for insurance companies that will pull out all the stops to avoid paying an injured person what they deserve. In circumstances like these, the experience of a workers comp attorney is invaluable.


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