When to Consider Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

When you experience an accident that causes you or your child to be injured in the state of Massachusetts, your first concern is likely to be that of your health. Once your physicians have attended to your immediate physical needs, then it is time to look to the future. A Massachusetts personal injury attorney can help you to understand your rights as an injured party in an accident.

Property Damage
When your car or truck gets damaged in an accident, you may need to hire an attorney to ensure that you receive adequate compensation for the damage. The services of an attorney may be helpful if your vehicle needs repairs or if the insurance company has deemed it a total loss.

Medical Expenses
You may want to hire an attorney if you will have any out-of-pocket medical expenses associated with your accident. Some possible out-of-pocket expenses that you might incur as the result of an injury include laboratory tests, physicians’ fees, emergency room fees, hospital admission charges and the expenses of ongoing physical therapy or treatments, such as chiropractic care. If you will need personal assisting devices, such as a walker or cane, you may desire to be reimbursed for those as well. Also consider your time off from work or school as well as the costs of your transportation and parking fees to and from your doctor’s appointments and physical therapy visits.


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