What You Need to Know About Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

Workers compensation claims can often pit you against your employer. The main reason an employer would reject a workers compensation claim is often money. You may be mistreated at work. Your employer may not want to find you a job on light duty. There are many issues you can encounter. You may need a lawyer in Massachusetts to help you fight your employer in a workers compensation claim.

You will need to hire a good attorney to represent your case. Ask for recommendations from people you know, perhaps coworkers, family and friends. Use the internet as a resource for your search as well. Free consultations can be treated as a job interview for the lawyer. Come prepared with questions, such as, how many years have you been handling workers compensation claims? Look for an attorney that has confidence but treats you with respect. Makes sure they answer all of your questions and you leave feeling like you understand the next steps. You may have to meet with more than one lawyer before you choose one. You want to be confident in your choice and find someone who meets your needs. Also, note the behavior and attitudes of secretaries and paralegals in the office, as you will be dealing with them regularly. If they are rude or don’t return your calls, take your business somewhere else.

It is a scary time when you are faced with a workers compensation claim. It is never to early to get a lawyer involved in the process. An attorney can win your case and get you the money that you deserve.


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