Understanding Long Term Disability Policy Terms

One of the most common causes of confusion when it comes to claiming for long term disability benefits as well as when shopping for one are the terminologies being used. Without proper understanding, some of the beneficiaries feel that they are being taken for a ride. While a lawyer can help you understand policy wordings, it is still best if you already have a basic idea.

Elimination Period

Elimination Period is used to refer to the period before you can enjoy your benefit. Depending on your policy details, an elimination period could be as little as 30 days from the date of the accident to as much as 720 days.

Benefit Period

This refer to the length of time you would be eligible to receive monetary benefit. In some cases, you only get your benefit until such time you are able to resume work. There are also providers who follow a specific period depending on the kind of disability that you have. Still, there are those who can provide you with monetary benefit until such time that you have reached retiring age.


While most interpret this as the policy continuing forever, it actually means that the premium that you have to pay would not change over time. This is advantageous on your part as you can easily set aside money for premium payment.

Guaranteed Renewable

This means that your coverage would automatically get renewed once the expiration date has come. This is best for those who do not want to worry about due dates.



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