Understanding Massachusetts Personal Injury Law

Getting injured is not something that you actually plan ahead. When it happens though, you can always count on the state personal injury laws to help you pull through.

Personal Injury in Massachusetts

Personal injury laws differ from one state to another, particularly when it comes to the statute of limitation. In Massachusetts, the statute of limitation is set at three years. This means that you have three years within which lawyers can file your personal injury case. Generally, the three-year count starts from the date of the accident; however, if the injury is something that appears only after some time, the three-year count would start from the date of the discovery.

Comparative Fault

In most states, the comparative fault is used in order to determine how much damages the injured party stand to receive based on how much fault he or she shares in the accident. In Massachusetts, if you share less than 50% of the fault, the amount of damages that you can claim is reduced by your percentage of fault. On the other hand, if you share more than 50% of the blame, you might not be able to file for any claim for damages.

No-Fault Law

Some states require drivers to have a no-fault insurance coverage. This coverage allows at-fault party to let the insurance provider cover costs associated with the injury. In most cases, you are not allowed to file for claims outside of the no-fault coverage unless you have already incurred more than $2,000.00 in medical bills.


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