How to File For Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Massachusetts is one of the states that requires workers’ compensation insurance for employees. Although this is a common knowledge, not many employees, however, are aware of how to file a benefit claim.

Steps When Filing

You have to keep in mind that your application would only be processed if all the needed attachments have also been sent over. There is also a possibility that an employer or an insurance company would question your eligibility for the benefit, so you have to be ready for this. One way you can be sure that the risk for getting questioned is low is to fill out the Employee Claim – Form 110.

In order to take advantage of the workers’ compensation benefits being offered by a company located in Massachusetts, you have to fill out the Employee Claim – Form 110 in three copies. One copy of the form would have to be sent to the Department of Industrial Accidents, while another copy has to be sent to your insurance provider. The third copy will become part of your records. If you are filing for double compensation under Willful Misconduct, you would also need to send a copy to your employer. The DIA would schedule a conciliation meeting once they have received the copy sent for them.

Once approved, you can take advantage of a number of benefits including medical benefits, survivors’ and dependents’ benefits in case the injury results to your death, and partial incapacity benefits, to name a few.


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