Know the Real Score about Long Term Disability Benefits

In case you would like to apply for long term disability benefits, know that there are stringent policies surrounding it, which you must adhere to strictly. Although there may be a way for you to conduct the necessary procedures on your own, because of the sheer amount of paperwork and legal technicalities you may be confronted with, it’s much better if you seek the help of a lawyer.

Long Term Disability Defined

Essentially, this pertains to the kind of insurance or benefit you can receive in case you were removed from your source of income or employment on account of an injury or disability. Its treatment, therapy, or effects should be such that you will be unable to conduct your regular activities before the injury or accident occurred, thereby depriving you of the capability to fend for yourself, and to provide for your family.

Basic Long Term Disability Facts

Because this is not a sort of insurance that anybody looks forward to applying for, a lot of misconceptions abound. It’s important for you to filter what’s real from what is not so that you don’t end up wrongly assuming requirements and details that can adversely affect your application.

For one, it’s not a salary replacement. Instead, it’s there to serve as some sort of buffer to help you meet your expenses since you are not getting the benefit of your full income. The usual computation of a long term disability payment rests somewhere at 60% of your confirmed salary.

As for the requirements, the primary thing you should concern yourself with is the medical evidence clearly proving your state of disability, the treatments and therapies needed, if necessary, and the estimated time it will take you to recover fully. As the policies are expressed in their current form, your injury or disability does not automatically mean you are eligible for long term benefits. Instead, it is something that you must prove.

It can be a tough to try to do this alone, so get professional legal help at the first opportunity when claiming long term disability benefits.


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