Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Have an LTD Attorney

Long-term disability benefits are designed to provide an injured worker with a paycheck while he or she is out of work. However, such benefits are not always easy to get and the steps necessary to get your claim approved can be tedious and confusing. Therefore, you cannot afford to file your case without the assistance of an attorney.

The first thing an attorney will do is review the merits of your case. He or she will look for any holes in the case such as the lack of treatment from a qualified medical professional. An attorney will also look to see how long the injury kept you out of work as well as the specific impact that the injury has had on your ability to work and/or enjoy a reasonable quality of life outside of work.

Hiring a lawyer on its own is important because insurance companies don’t like dealing with attorneys. They know that a LTD attorney will not back down, make mistakes or fall for any tactics that an individual who doesn’t know the law may not know how to handle.

In many cases, those who have a lawyer will not only win their case, but win more than they otherwise would have if they filed on their own. Therefore, it is important that you let an attorney review and help you pursue your case. Although it may take some time to settle, the end result will likely be favorable to you.