Role of Lawyers in SS Disability Claims

The social security disability program was designed to provide aid to people in dire need of some financial respite. Unfortunately in most instances, the process of obtaining said respite can prove to be a tedious experience with the heap of official procedures and prolonged waiting period involved. The process gets even more frustrating if the application is not approved at its initial stage, which could sometimes lead to a prolonged appeal procedure.

You don’t need the services of a lawyer to file a claim for social security disability benefits, however, it is often a smart decision to do so. This is because, with their wealth of knowledge and experience in the due processes and the paperwork involved, their legal advice is usually invaluable. Social security lawyers can help you navigate through the procedure, while highlighting and avoiding potential barriers to an initial approval.

In the event that your claim is denied, the case is usually appealed or protested before an Administrative law Judge, and your lawyer gets to plead your case. If you choose to do so without legal counsel, keep in mind that the judge will expect you to follow all due processes and he or she will not give you any helpful advice. So if you don’t have sufficient experience in social security insurance and legal proceedings, is going at it alone really a risk worth taking?