How a New Long Term Disability Claim Is Handled By an Adjudicator

When you need to apply for long term disability, the formal process takes some time, especially if the Massachusetts court adjudicators are backed up. While the process varies based upon your employer and medical situation, you can expect it to take up to 6 months. Your disability lawyer can help you understand the disability adjudication process and may be able to help you with any appeals or paperwork submissions that you need to do for your case.

Determination of Disability

The first task of a disability claim adjudicator is to determine whether or not you are completely disabled. The adjudicator is typically a physician or a team of nurses and physicians. The adjudicator may take into account your physical limitations and how they relate to the type of work you do.

Determination of the Benefit Period

The adjudicator must also determine the disability benefit period. In Massachusetts, most people can continue to receive long-term disability benefits until they reach the age of 62. After this, social security benefits take over the disability payments.

Determination of the Qualifying Period

Another task of a disability claims adjudicator is to determine the qualifying period for your disability. Most long-term disability claims require that you will be permanently and completely disabled for more than one year and that you are incapable of doing paid work. The adjudicator may consider time periods when you had a partial disability.


Know the Real Score about Long Term Disability Benefits

In case you would like to apply for long term disability benefits, know that there are stringent policies surrounding it, which you must adhere to strictly. Although there may be a way for you to conduct the necessary procedures on your own, because of the sheer amount of paperwork and legal technicalities you may be confronted with, it’s much better if you seek the help of a lawyer.Read More »

Why You Should Hire a Long-Term Disability Lawyer

Getting injured is never an ideal situation, but you can apply for claims for long-term disability. This process doesn’t have to be difficult if you hire a long-term disability lawyer. This professional can make sure you get everything that is owed to you, so you can go on recovering and still be financially stable even when you are unable to work.

Protect Your Rights

First and foremost, your attorney can protect your rights. They will make sure the people you used to work for don’t try to do anything unethical or try to skip out on granting the benefits you are entitled to. If need be, your lawyer can prevent people from invading your privacy, and he can make sure nothing illegal occurs while you are seeking long-term disability claims.

Look over Your Application

One of the most important steps when filing for this type of disability is completing the application. This process can be lengthy, but your attorney will make sure you do it correctly. They ensure there are not any errors that could delay this process.

If you have any questions, you can just ask your attorney so you can fully understand the claims process. Your attorney takes out all of the guesswork. You will surely be able to know exactly how to file for this type of disability, making your life a whole lot easier.

Talk to a Doctor When Filing a Fixed Pain Claim

If you are thinking about filing a long-term disability claim for a fixed or chronic pain issue, you can expect an uphill battle in many cases. As with most things in life, an ounce of prevention goes a long way. There are several things you can do to prepare for your chronic pain claim, but the most important thing any long-term disability patient can do is speak with their primary physician often and clearly indicate your intent to file a claim.

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