Personal Injury Lawyer: Proving Negligence in a Motor Vehicle Accident

After a car accident, you may be dealing with serious neck, back or spinal cord injuries. While most injuries will heal, it may take months or years for you to fully return to normal. Hiring a personal injury attorney will help you get the compensation that you need to provide for yourself and your family while you heal.
How can an attorney help prove that another party’s negligence led to the crash?
Physical evidence may establish what happened.
It is important to gather as much physical evidence of the accident as possible while it is still fresh. Although you will likely be focused on your well being at the scene of the accident, you or someone else likely will take pictures of the scene, including pictures of the autos involved.


Lawyers in Northampton, MA on Proving Negligence in Auto Accidents

These elements apply in automobile mishaps, as well. Given that drivers are required to be reasonably careful on the road, the plaintiff or the victim’s attorney should prove that the defendant had deviated from this “duty of reasonable care.” Common breaches of proper conduct include tailgating, going through a red light, and not being mindful of pedestrians.

Besides proving the defendant’s negligence, the victims must also prove that the injuries they sustained are the direct outcome of the defendant’s actions, and there are evident losses and injuries to recover from.

Being the victim in auto mishaps is a terrifying situation. As you seek medical care for any physical injuries, you should also get legal guidance from personal injury lawyers in Northampton, MA, like those from The Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata, in going after the financial compensation you deserve.