Financial Compensation for Personal Injuries

Personal injury cases do not result in a guilty or innocent verdict. They are civil actions, and the victim is rewarded by receiving financial compensation through injury settlements and court judgments.

Understanding Financial Compensation

Financial compensation given to a victim of a personal injury is referred to as compensatory damages. They are categorized in two different ways: general damages and special damages. The purpose of this compensation is to help a victim get back to the position they were in prior to the injury.

What Are Special Damages

Special damages are directly connected to the accident or to the injury. They are very easy to quantify, document and prove. They are divided into four principal categories:

Medical Costs– This is designed to reimburse the victim for any medical treatment they received right after the accident as well as any continued treatment they received.

Lost Income– Lost income is any money that was lost from the day of the injury to the present day, as well as any income that will be lost in the future.

Out-Of-Pocket Expenses- This includes any costs connected to the injury that the victim would not have had to pay for if they were never injured.

Personal Property Damage– This is any personal items that were damaged or destroyed during the accident. It could include repairing a vehicle as well as replacing cell phones, laptops, or any other items that were damaged.