Hard Facts about Workers’ Compensation

There are many myths and falsehoods surrounding workers’ compensation. When you’re starting or dealing with the application process for a workers’ compensation claim, it is important to know the difference between fact and fiction.

Massachusetts a No-Fault State

The first thing to remember is that the workers’ compensation system is a no-fault system, meaning it does not matter whose negligence resulted in your injury, as long as you meet the criteria set forth by the state of Massachusetts. In return, employees cannot sue their employer directly for negligence and some other damages. This means that your employer cannot be sued for faulty equipment, but the manufacturer or some other entity may still be sued.

Injuries Covered

When deciding if you have a workers’ compensation claim, it should be noted that the workers’ comp system covers employees during a specific work-related incident, as well as for injuries and illness caused over a period of time directly resulting from employment duties. So, if you have a repetitive job that causes extreme muscle or joint strain and pain, you may be covered.

With that said, there are some conditions that are not covered under Massachusetts workers’ compensation laws. Also, injuries and illness received over a period of time can be more difficult to prove and define. In these cases, the need for documentation to prove the injury is sustained from work-related activities is even more important.


Improving Your Odds of Receiving Workers Comp

If you are ever injured at work, panic may start setting in. How are you going to pay for things while you recover from your injury? This doesn’t have to be a problem thanks to worker’s compensation. In order to increase your chances of receiving these types of benefits, you can consider these helpful tips.

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Deal with Injuries with the Help from a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer


Getting injured at work is, at times, unavoidable, especially if you are working in a high-risk environment. You may have slipped and hurt your back, or a large object may have fallen on you in a warehouse. Whatever the reason is for your injury, you may be entitled to benefits known as workers’ compensation.

To get these benefits as quickly as possible, you can consider these tips and also hire a lawyer with a special focus on workers compensation in MA.

Report the Injury Quickly

After you get injured, you need to report the injury as quickly as possible. First, tell your employer or supervisor so that he can document exactly what happened. This may help him to improve the work environment for future employees.  It also creates a record of your injury and puts your employer and his insurer on notice of the claim.


What You Need to Know About Workers Compensation in Massachusetts

Workers compensation claims can often pit you against your employer. The main reason an employer would reject a workers compensation claim is often money. You may be mistreated at work. Your employer may not want to find you a job on light duty. There are many issues you can encounter. You may need a lawyer in Massachusetts to help you fight your employer in a workers compensation claim.
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